In a time where music is coming at us more rapidly than ever, it can be hard to digest new tunes from all of your favorite artists, let alone discover new ones. On the other hand, it makes discovering a new artist all the more special and something like a unearthing a precious gem. A recent example of a new artist discovery is Bensbeendead. The Portland, Maine-based singer/producer is definitely one to watch. If you don’t believe me, his new single “Exoskeleton” is all the proof you need.
— McKenzii Webster, EARMILK
Bensbeendead. may be a relatively new act but his subject matter and precision both as a singer and producer echoes a self-awareness many acts rarely achieve.
— Chuck Ramos, Lyrical Lemonade
Wow. Stunned at how good this is. Bensbeendead continues to grow and impress me as a singer, producer and artist. One of the freshest voices coming out of the Northeast right now. Hit play and feel the power.
— Benny P, Banger Of The Day
‘Bounty’ delves deep into a blend of R&B and electronic influence through the tight percussion grooving in the backbone of the piece, whilst the bright synths shine through the topline that allows for bensbeendead‘s smooth vocal offering to flow effortlessly on top.
— Chris Salce, Acid Stag
“Bounty” is an upbeat, synth and percussion heavy track that is the perfect springboard for Bensbeendead to showcase his soulful vocals. “Bounty” is a true electro-pop bop and features a short breakdown section that will give you dancehall vibes. While upbeat and bouncy, Ben is singing about the fear of failure and the overwhelming feeling that comes with it, which everyone can relate to. “Bounty” will have you moving, as well as giving you the boost you need to overcome your fears.
— -McKenzii Webster, EARMILK